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        1. The starting point of the Ozawa forest culture

          We hope that the company can achieve sustainable development. We hope that the people will have a good growth environment and platform. We hope to provide revolutionary products for our customers. We hope to have a new understanding and way out for Chinese architecture.

          After many years of practice and study, we fused Wo culture of modern enterprise system, China, architecture and social demand integration become HESOMS enterprise culture.

          What is the grass culture

          The grass culture is the root of the haozawin culture. We9The concept of "grass culture" was found in the years of time, and it was the most appropriate to use the "grass" to compare our characteristics. From the inception we have insisted on a HESOMS, not dealing with Hangzhou counterparts; the government does not participate in the project; focus on doing one thing. The grass culture is the most powerful life, sunshine, humility, and so on. Because:

          The grasses have strong vitality, because they face the sun and the roots.

          He's growing a little bit every day.

          Grasses are independent and equal

          Grasses, silt without dyed, and a lot of dirty water after the rain

          Grasses, modesty, smile in the wind

          A grumble, no matter what disaster is encountered,All can come back from the beginning


          "The wild fire can not burn, the spring wind blows again." this is the power of the grass. The world is green without being destroyed by human beings. HESOMS is always sunny, on the first-hand basis; we do not believe in what they say, but what people do, we only care about what we do, no small groups in the HESOMS, independence and equality between people, everyone has to do their own things humble, determined not to interfere with any person things.

          What is the culture of HESOMS

          There are three aspects of the culture of "zawzlu" from the following aspects: the culture of the grasses is the root of the "zawzldu" culture; the modern enterprise system is the foundation of the "zawzo" forest culture; it is based on the understanding of the current Chinese architectural needs and the Chinese architects' mission.

          Wo Ze forest culture is expressed in one word: Wo;   it is expressed in six words: from dream to perfection; it is expressed in ten words: dream, responsibility, transformation, cooperation and perfection.

          Our values: from dreams to perfection (dream change CO perfection)

          Dream: help people realize the ideal of architecture.

          Bear: take everything without a complaint.

          Innovation: innovation is vitality; no innovation, no development; culture based, result oriented.

          Cooperation: now is the time of cooperation, only cooperation can be successful.

          Perfection: approaching a dream a little bit every day is the beginning of perfection; it is only the first to have the opportunity.

          Our core competencies: design the first local work and provide the first service.

          Our advantage: to be able to understand the ultimate goal of things and to achieve this goal.

          Our use of human principle: identification of corporate culture   active work; active and effective work

          The principle of our action is to be guided by the results; to move people with the initiative and sincerity; all things have a basis; all things have no reason for

          We always uphold: work hard, happy design; honest man, sincere work.

          Our mission: the tree of Chinese architecture is confident of   it helps people to realize the ideal of architecture.