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          Project Location:YUNNAN·XISHUANGBANNA

          Project Scale:Planning Area :142810㎡

          Project Process:Conceptual

          Project Time:2017-11-07

          "Port of xishuangbanna tourism culture" located in jinghong, the main urban trunk road, north of jinghong east road, the west side of plot for ordinary commercial residential buildings, the construction land of anji for xishuangbanna bridge, east faces the lancang river, north residential area.

          This project is to "tea culture" as the theme, "national culture" as the main line, on the background of the lancang river and "water-splashing festival", tourism, leisure, shopping, entertainment, upscale hotels for the integration of ethnic tourism culture business center.

          The project with a total land area of 26667.74 ㎡, the building area of 48268 ㎡.

          The building density is 35.6%, the volume rate is 1.81, and the building height is 31.95 meters.

          In the design, we discard the shallow business model that is isolated from people, and adopt the deep business model which is combined with the size square.

          Stress commercial block multiple compound planning, shopping, leisure, entertainment and cultural activities, and other functions, emphasize the connections and interaction, is a shopper at a travel behavior in a variety of purposes and requirements.

          In space, the two requirements should be met:


          As a landmark in jinghong, external image window area of commercial pedestrian street should have a very the external image of the business, and must be emphasized the commercial block the kernel of cohesion, so concentrated space layout is brought in to the land and commercial center of great impact.


          Integrate the whole pedestrian street into a system, let people feel the real commercial pedestrian street atmosphere, let the psychological along the street.

          With the person this

          With the scale of the people, in the design of human demand and human activities as the basic starting point, fully offers information, communication, enjoy the cool, have a rest, and easy to sell newspaper, health functions and the related public service facilities.

          These functions are realized at the same time with the functions of the surrounding buildings, which further reflects the meticulous care of people.