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          Project Location:JIANGSU·WUXI

          Project Scale:Planning Area :35681㎡, Overall Floorage:183642㎡

          Project Process:Completed

          Project Time:2014-09-10

          This project is mainly functions as a commercial, apartment experience shopping streets, the project with its prominent location advantages, excellent product quality as the foundation of value, bold and foresee the development prospect of the city, set aside for the future continue to rise the appreciation space, in wuxi city, is a rare large-scale and highlight the location of the value of high quality projects.

          Natural water and textures inspired design inspiration, design captures the flow of water cascading and form, through the layers of back sets design and the whole of verandah curve modelling, constitutes the ups and downs, combined with the elements such as music, sports, fashion, dynamic, fully demonstrates the project positioning of youth.

          Tower the overall facade and the issue of unity, emphasizes the vertical, using group building design technique, to form the outline of urban overall unified architecture image and form a rich city interface.

          Architectural layout with an "X" axis as the theme, enclosing the central landscape square, cubic construction with the method of point, line combination, to stretch the openness and flow of rhythm, the combination of space forms to strengthen the leading of the project.

          The facade is rich in color, and some of the nodes consider colored glass ornament.

          Exquisite scale and various architectural elements are perfectly combined to present a multi-functional urban complex with modern, atmospheric, fashionable, dynamic and youth.