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          Project Location:SHANXI·XIAN

          Project Scale:Planning Area :52100㎡

          Project Process:Conceptual

          Project Time:2017-10-19

          Relying on xian, west shadow of rich history and culture, the designer will become enjoy the movie plot design and manufacturing film paradise together, melt film experience, theme commercial, art, cultural exchanges, the fashion leisure as a whole, embodies rich historical and cultural connotation and the current demand, become China's most dynamic Chinese film culture theme scene experience shooting area, become one of the most wonderful city of xi 'an, become the most fashionable city tourist attractions in xi 'an.

          Planning structure, through two axis sanhuan four area five lane six theme eight street seven square nine big functions ten big scenic spot planning structure, the whole project of 11 functional areas together, form a complete function system.

          With cultural square, for the whole project of the theme of the film in the soil arch in the film red sorghum to element, the introduction of the concept of "door" to express the Chinese film is rise and promotion, here also hope that the door of the film is opens the door to the brilliant, make the film culture success, like the tang dynasty culture solution source of film culture square, square main body for the appearance of contemporary buildings, it is like an embryo, the symbol of the west shadow gave birth to the famous Chinese film and filmmakers, pregnant with the future and hope.

          The square and the big wild goose pagoda are far away from each other. At night, they can feel the shock of the architectural light and shadow show.

          The two axes are the main artery of the whole project, which is formed by the north-south axis and the east-west axis to form the "ten" type axis space.

          The "ten" axis of the atmosphere shows the experience shopping.

          At the same time, the "ten" type axis is the open landscape space, which can attract more people to the commercial district.

          The third ring is the movie expo center circle, the film culture business center circle and the circle star avenue.

          The interlocking design connects the north-south axis with the east-west axis, and leads the flow of people from all directions to the commercial districts to form a convenient and convenient consumption experience environment.

          Four areas, respectively film exhibition center, film culture theme square, cultural theme scene experience and fashion leisure food, meet the needs of the parties to the crowd on the function, diversified business culture will attract more people.

          Five lane is the art experience of humour lane, respectively in the art of art lane neighborhood is given priority to, mainly to the art of Peking Opera art song xiang, mainly visit art art swim lane and is given priority to with artistic ornamental art pavilion lane, visitors can move back and forth between each lane, feel different movie art.

          The sixth street is named after the movie scene, namely, the guanglu street, the Roman street, the bright street, the memorial street, the modern street and the street.

          The streets are connected to the square of different themes, moving through them like a time machine, constantly changing scenes.

          The square is a large sunken square, three main entrance squares and three commercial squares, four of which are scattered on the central axis of the whole project, and the other three are on Roman street in sixth street.

          Eight themes were music theme square, relics museum, Beijing Opera theme commercial, ultra modern theme commercial, exotic theme restaurant, modern theme wedding, magic theme commercial business and romantic theme.

          The nine formats are movie city, exhibition, hotel, boutique plaza, professional market, business, film and television, experience, wedding and catering.

          The ten scenes are represented by scenes from famous films in the world or by famous sculptures.

          "Peach blossom fan", "farewell my concubine", "Roman holiday", "Chaplin, black and white picture reflected, the terminator," the mask ", "Star Wars", "the matrix", "Titanic" and "old".