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          Project Location:MALAYSIA·SEPANG

          Project Scale:Unknown

          Project Process:Conceptual

          Project Time:2017-11-22

          For the golden palm sepang town, planning and landscape design around white romantic tone, emphasis on the theme of "chasing, explore the romantic love", using the curve of gentle graceful form, combining with the Marine culture.

          Planning on the subject, the building form can be divided into six parts: the grand bazaar hotel, surround close style courtyard architecture, the core JingPin Street, commercial coastal belt, alone the commercial body, the piano structures, starting from the big bazaar hotel, has been transverse diffuse to the surface, progressive transformation to a climax.

          Landscape design expresses "pursue love, explore romance" guidance is a process from scratch, divided into three stages "encounter, pursuit, perfection".

          With the method of personification, the pursuit of the psychological situation of love, fusion in the project, explore the scenic spot.

          As the mood changes, the sensory changes are guided.

          The central axis of the town is the dividing line between phase I and phase ii, which is the core of the town's romantic spirit.

          The landscape is designed with romantic flowers.

          Adopt two-way single lane, lane isolation belt design leisure area.

          The main design elements are petal patterns.

          Shop floor, sit stool, flower bed all unified in design pattern.

          One, "met" - the grand bazaar and the hotel school, is the golden palm in the face of peripheral road to present the most intuitive feel business interface, lay the tone of the whole project, and the town of emotional interaction for the first time.

          Design expression, huge building volume and lateral linear design, building cuticle palm shape.

          It should be the first direct and powerful visual impact.

          In the landscape on the outside of the business, we compare the floating of the heartbeat, with the expression of ocean ripples, the rhythm of the lines is slow, slightly undulating.

          On the landscape facade, with the towering coconut palm trees, the artificial palm-shaped landscape lights are in harmony with the palm shape on the facade.

          The node of landscape processing, the core of the big bazar entrance, using the spread of the islamic pattern, the water scene, the green design all unified in the pattern.

          Inside the slowly into the small town, desperate mood, rhythm wave, we use the curve to design the leisure area behind the economy hotel, use wood floor, colour is pure plant expression linear design, quiet, soothing scenario.

          Behind the boutique hotel, there is a playground for children.

          2. "chasing" -- subdivided psychological situation: dazed, anxious, and surprised.

          The main body of the building is style courtyard building, core street.

          The entire commercial moving line is not designed with obvious horizontal and vertical pavement guidance.

          In the first phase, the east-west axis is the dividing line between the 1-c block and the 1-a and 1-b plots.

          The purpose of the curve design is to delay the driving speed of the road in the region.

          On both sides of the road there is no obvious advantage of the area is placed outside, use of the space curve and retraction, dislocation satisfactory strengthening depth of the tree, the maximum use of the outside of the shop space, practice outside the business place.

          As the grand bazaar, the grand bazaar is a continuation of the islamic style of the great bazaar, a typical checkered checkerboard.

          The application of landscape water law and the continuity of the dome shape of islamic architecture.

          At the corner of the building in this part of the area, the design of the situation is the concept of surprise.

          The port of the roadway is designed to be the shape of the entrance, which is combined with the top grating to enclose the space with the flower bed and combine with the commercial outlying area.

          In all the interior design, the theme of the garden of love is "British, French, American, islamic, Chinese, Japanese" garden.

          The "British" garden is enclosed in a commercial outlying area with an English planting method.

          The English garden always pursues the natural effect, except for the early planning, the latter need not be overdone.

          Therefore, it is the design concept of the English garden to keep the traces of natural growth of plants and to make them as part of nature, and to perfect the sense of time.

          "French" garden, central spindle line control overall, supplemented by a secondary axis.

          These axes and the size path form a strict geometric grid, the primary and secondary distinct.

          The axis and path are inserted into the forest garden, and the forest garden is also included in the geometric grid.

          Can highlight the geometry of the layout, can also produce rich rhythm sense, thus create a variety of landscape effect.

          In the case of water, it is mainly used to form a pool or ditch with a regular shape and a fine fountain.

          "American" garden layout is open, modern and nature, follow the British garden of wind-induced natural style, showing the country's natural scenery, let the interaction between human and nature, and at the same time pay attention to line, space, the line of sight.

          The "islamic" garden plant is planted in a large planting pool to ensure that the water in the pool is slowly absorbed by the plant.

          The pool is small, connected by narrow open channels, and the slope is small;

          The small courtyard is rectangular, with the cross star garden road dividing the green space, the road has ditches, or this is based on the green space to do more geometric division.

          The "Chinese style" garden rockery design is made up of many small stones, which should imitate the veins of natural rocks when piling up, so as to minimize the trace of manual stacking.

          The pool is often made of natural twists and turns.

          The arrangement of the flowers and trees should be dense, natural.

          Qiao shrubs are also mixed, pursuing natural wild interest.

          "Japanese" three quarters of the Japanese garden garden consists of plants, rocks and water, therefore, from the planting design, a prominent feature of the Japanese garden plants configuration is: in the same garden plant species is not much, often with just a little plant as accent plant, and then choose another 12 plants as a point of view, level clear, concise form, but very beautiful.

          The selection is mainly of evergreen trees, with less flowers and more special meanings, such as the longevity of pine trees, the perfection of cherry blossoms, the purity of iris and so on.

          3. "perfect" -- the climax of the whole design rhythm.

          The main body of the building is the coastal commercial belt, the unique commercial body, the piano structure, the whole coastal design of the coast.

          The corresponding mental curve, the pattern of the pavement is expressed in the form of waves, rising and rising.

          The design of the landscape, the embankment of the curve, in the bay area, we designed the dike into three layers, the first level is 2.5M from the beach, and the second level is 4.5M from the beach.

          The third level is 6.0M from the beach.

          The second and third levels adopt the steps to solve the high difference, round tree pool, and the concentric circles of the pavement are consistent, symbolizing the ripple points, expression and culture.

          At the first level of the coast, the pedestrian walkway is designed with a view of the artificial reef, the observatory harbour, and the beach stage of the piano.

          The second layer is asphalt road, the third layer of plastic bike road, the fourth layer is green belt.

          In the functional area of the green belt, there is the limit speed skating activity site and children's playground.

          The fifth level is the commercial trail for bar street.

          On the south side of the building, two levels are carried out, near the building section, the design of the 5-meter-wide commercial outlay area, and the use of the high difference and the pedestrian mall to be isolated.

          The commercial trails are paved with wave patterns.