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        1. GUYUE·BINJIANG NO.1

          Project Location:ZHEJIANG·SHAOXING

          Project Scale:Planning Area :45621㎡, Overall Floorage:86680㎡

          Project Process:Completed

          Project Time:2017-12-02

          An excellent community environment can enhance the cultural taste of the whole building in all aspects, render its unique personality, and bring incalculable value increment to the community.

          All eyes are on the integration of space and nature.

          Not only focus on the composition and functional zoning of the plane, but also pay attention to the use of piles and soil to slope, excavate the sunken garden, ground floor, plant configuration and so on.

          This design combines the pedestrian entrance square and the center of life down on the edge of the landscape and its landscape slope, drop and viewing platforms such as forming human landscape and natural scenery, big and small landscape with the integral effect of the combination.

          The soft sunken garden and the living landscape water system and the rigid architecture achieve harmonious coexistence and make people seem to live in the beautiful park city.

          The carefully designed sunken courtyard space enables the residential landscape to continue, and the sunken daylighting courtyard set up in the garage makes the traditional garage space bright and beautified.

          Oneness landscape planning breakthrough traditional residential area landscape design, starting from the divergent needs of habitant itself on the ecological, blend in its rich original ecological landscape, meanwhile, three-dimensional space is through open space, landscape buffer unit and the connection the entrance to the formation of three layers of three-dimensional green landscape garden, emphasizes to maintain good appearance, ecosystem, the exchange and sharing, build mutual fusion "" stereo greening and landscape ecological community.

          The reasonable setting of walkway and small products, the pursuit of the step of the different effects.

          The rich and colorful landscape effect meets the needs of residents' life and natural experience.

          The three-dimensional courtyard system makes the landscape space varied and rich, greatly enhancing the residential quality of the community.